This is the work I was born to do.

When I show up to work, I show up fully. I bring 13 years as an Expressive Arts Therapist blended with 8 years of business training and entrepreneurial experience. Equally important, I bring my humanness--particularly my journey of letting my true self come out of hiding. Yes, I too have experienced my share of shame, fear, and powerlessness along the way to where I am now. This unique constellation of training and experience, allows me to guide you through the essential inner work needed and practical actions required to clarify your purposeful work, re-invent your career, and launch your successful soul-satisfying business. 

I have inspired thousands of people to become crystal clear in their answers to the big questions we face after significant life transitions: “Who Am I now? What is my purpose? And how do I want to offer my gifts in a meaningful way?” These were the same questions that I explored after the death of my sister, after my chronic illness healing journey, and again after becoming a mother.

I am passionate about helping others turn life’s big transitions into transformational launch pads for their purposeful work. Yes, it does involve coming out of hiding. It does involve facing your fears and moving beyond them. It does mean learning to love every part of yourself and your life that burns with shame. It does involve taking imperfect action and learning from mistakes. It does mean that some people won't like what you say or do. And it will involve shining the light into all the dark places...But I will be there with you. I walk my talk. I do this work alongside of you, growing into my next level of purpose and potential as you grow into yours.

I recently moved through my own fears to present at Princeton University, perform at TEDx, collaborate on stage with singer-songwriter David Wilcox, appear on the cover of Mogul Muse Magazine, and improvise on TV in my favorite tutu. I am always following my heart beyond fear, to make a meaningful difference. And I'm ready to discover where your heart is calling you.

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I'll answer any question with honesty.

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