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where your True Self can bravely SHINE.

SPARK Programs

Free Intro Mini-Course with Jessica Chilton

Experience Jessica's coaching in action as you move beyond fear and spark your own transformation. 

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The SHINE Expansive 30-Day Coaching Program

Free Yourself & Your Gifts to Step into Your Next Level of Purposeful Contribution in the World.

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ContribYOUtion Group Coaching Experience

After The SHINE Expansive, take this next step to receive personalized coaching on your next contribution.

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Let's free yourself & your gifts so you can make your unique contribution in the world.

Love ALL of Who You Are

Create a loving and empowered inner-foundation for your inspired outer-work in the world. Heal your relationship with yourself, embracing ALL of who you are—darkness and light. Discover how to deeply Nourish yourself.

Express Your True Self

Discover your true self and free your uniqueness to be seen and heard…even in the Spotlight.

Liberate Your Natural Gifts

Move beyond self-limitations and fears—shifting from external validation to inner guidance.

Lead with Your Heart

Step into your natural Leadership potential as you offer your gifts in alignment with your deepest purpose.

Launch Your Unique Contribution

Take inspired action to make a meaningful difference and receive satisfying money by being bravely yourself. Launch a specific Dream into reality this year.

SHINE as a Thank You to Life

Let your Shine inspire their Shine inspire our Shine inspire the world's SHINE!

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